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Computer E books

1.   C-the complete reference 4th edition by Herbert Schildt

2.  Thinking in C++
volume 1 and volume 2

3.  C++ Programming books:
    Addison Wesley - Applied C++ Techniques For Building Better SoftwareAddison

    Wasley - C++ Standard Library. A Tutorial And ReferenceAddison Wesley - C++                 Templates - The Complete Guide
    Mcgraw Hill - C++ Demystified
    Mcgraw Hill - The Art of C++.
    No Starch Press - How Not To Program In Cpp
    O'reilly - C++ In A Nutshell
    O'reilly - Secure Programming Cookbook For C And C++
    Que - Optimizing C++

4. O Rielly -Practical C Programming

5. Object Orinted Programming by Robert Lafore

6. Algorithms and Datastructures in C++ by Alan Parker

7. C Algorithms for real time DSP-Paul Embree

8. Let Us C by Y Kanetkar

9. Cand Datastructures by Nell Dale

10. Algorithms and Datastructures-The saience of computing by Douglas Baldwin

11. John Wiley HTML XHTML CSS Bible

12. A tutorial on HTML[Executable file]

13. CSS the definitive guide

14. Beginning Web programming using HTML CSS

15. An Introduction to HTML

16. HTML for dummies 5th edition

17. HTML Express Course

18. HTML Utopia Designing using CSS