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Water Resources Engineering

Module 1 Principles of Water Resources Engineering

Lesson 1 Surface and Ground Water Resources
Lesson 2 Concepts for Planning Water Resources Development
Lesson 3 National Policy For Water Resources Development
Lesson 4 Planning and Assessment of Data for Project Formulation

Module 2 The Science of Surface and Ground Water

Lesson 1 Precipitation And Evapotranspiration
Lesson 2 Runoff and Infiltration,
Lesson 3 Rainfall Runoff Relationships
Lesson 4 Design Flood Estimation
Lesson 5 Subsurface Movement of Water
Lesson 6 Principles of Ground Water Flow
Lesson 7 Well Hydraulics
Lesson 8 Flow Dynamics in Open Channels and Rivers
Lesson 9 Geomorphology of Rivers
Lesson 10 Sediment Dynamics in Alluvial Rivers and Channels

Module 3 Irrigation Engineering Principles

Lesson 1 India’s Irrigation Needs and Strategies for Development
Lesson 2 Soil Water Plant Relationships
Lesson 3 Estimating Irrigation Demand
Lesson 4 Types of Irrigation Schemes and Methods of Field Water Application
Lesson 5 Traditional Water Systems and Minor Irrigation Schemes
Lesson 6 Canal Systems for Major and Medium Irrigation Schemes
Lesson 7 Design of Irrigation Canals
Lesson 8 Conveyance Structures for Canal Flows
Lesson 9 Regulating Structures for Canal Flows
Lesson 10 Distribution and Measurement Structures for Canal Flows

Module 4 Hydraulic Structures for Flow Diversion and Storage

Lesson 1 Structures for Flow Diversion - Investigation Planning and Layout
Lesson 2 Design of the Main Diversion Structure of a Barrage
Lesson 3 Design of Barrage Appurtenant Structures and Rules for Barrage Operation
Lesson 4 Structures for Water Storage - Investigation, Planning and Layout
Lesson 5 Planning Of Water Storage Reservoirs
Lesson 6 Design and Construction of Concrete Gravity Dams
Lesson 7 Design and Construction of Concrete Gravity Dams
Lesson 8 Spillways and Energy Dissipators
Lesson 9 Reservoir Outlet Works
Lesson 10 Gates and Valves for Flow Control

Module 5 Hydropower Engineering

Lesson 1 Principles of Hydropower Engineering
Lesson 2 Hydropower Water Conveyance System
Lesson 3 Hydropower Eqiupment And Generation Stations

Module 6 Management of Water Resources

Lesson 1 River Training And Riverbank Protection Works
Lesson 2 Drought And Flood Management
Lesson 3 Remote Sensing And GIS For Water Resource Management 

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